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If you play padel and want to keep a record of your activity, MatchUp Padel is a perfect app for you. With this app you can keep a detailed report of every game as well as its statistics.

MatchUp Padel lets you create and keep records of you matches and their data so you can control every part of your game, as well as help you improve some aspects of your gameplay. You can note down the number of sets you´ve played, the number of players, how you´ve finished the sets, and even where the match took place. Knowing these data will make managing the statistics a lot easier.

MatchUp Padel also lets you add your friends in order to match the games to the correct players as well as help you plan your week by scheduling the games in your calendar. By introducing all of the data in the app, you can have figure out your current state and know if you should play during the morning, afternoon or evening. Get to know your opponents and discover which team mate is the best with MatchUp Padel.
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